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to talk about fiber. there is technology available today where each individual home could be self-sufficient -- self-sufficient with its own energy sell. what is amazing is if we have 500 years of natural gas, there it is. nobody can attack us if every household has energy. we eliminate the grid because everyone has the wrong grade. there is a company in california that is powering e day using methane gas. that company is blue energy of california. host: the president signed an executive order last week regarding cyber security. some news about that, they intended to improve information sharing to establish a framework of cyber security best practices. "the white house spent the last several months crafting the order after congress failed to pass cyber security legislation last year. -- last year." we will talk more about this executive order at 8:30 with larry clinton, president and ceo of the internet security alliance. next, gil, missouri, democratic line. caller: it does not surprise me , an executive order once a month on something. in 1913 they passed a 17th amendment. the s
with the vetting process and something is wrong with technology that it is not working in the marketplace. i had solar panels on my house in tennessee as a test keys thursday as a test case 30 + years ago. they're looking to see if we could get enough heat units per day in solar panels. we never got enough to run our hot water heater. we were happy to do it and see if it worked. we are saying let's bring things to the marketplace that will work but let's let the market decided it does not have to be taxpayer money that is being used as venture capital to see if unproven technologies are going to work. host: "from the washington post." what do you think of those proposals? guest: i think we need to look very carefully at wind power. are we generating a lot of wind power and the answer to that is, across the country, some areas are successful and some are not. you take our area in tennessee and you look at tva and the electric power generation source and see what you are pulling in that electric power generation bred from wind power and it is a miniscule amount. , even on the best days. you have
. this is the announcement of a hearing taking a look at asteroids. it is from the house science, space and technology committee. according to chairman of lamar smith -- this morning a smaller meteorite hit a russian city injuring hundreds. it will invest in a future hearing in the house of representatives. democrats line. caller: i just want to say that many conservatives have been saying for the last couple of years that they are against spending. we have to cut back spending. all of a sudden they say we should put an armed guard in every school, turning them into fortresses. if you look at how many schools there are, there are a hundred thousand fund -- 100,000 public schools. that includes just high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools. i will let you do the math on how much it will cost to turn every school into a fortress. against spending. at the drop of a hat they are ready to spend all of the money to turn schools into fortresses and they want to handguns to teachers or janitors or bring our guards into schools. it is just ridiculous. host: president obama was in chicago yesterday.
, that is a big opportunity for us. >> the future of consumer technology from this year's consumer electronics show. tonight at 8:00 eastern. >> having observed a steady improvement in the opportunities and well-being of our citizens i can report to you the state of this union is good. >> once again in keeping with time honored tradition as i come to report on the state of the union. i am pleased to report that america is much improved. there is good reason to believe improvement will continue in the days to come. >> my duty tonight is to report on the state of the union. not the state of our government, but of our american community. and to set forth our responsibilities, in the words of our founders, to form a more perfect union. the state of the union is strong. >> as we gather tonight, our nation is at war. our economy is in recession. and our civilized world faces unprecedented dangers. yet the state of our union has never been stronger. >> it is because of our people that our future is hopeful, our journey goes forward, and the state of our union is strong. >> tuesday, president obama de
technologies in order to move into a 21st century age. i am very anxious to see the details on that. i am glad the president selected the department of defense and department of energy. host: the congress woman is part of the mid back tree caucused and automotive caucus. andanufactoring causuc anucus automotive caucus. we have spent billions and billions for the war in iraq. so my question is, can we create [indiscernible] host: are you still there? it is a little bit difficult to hear. could you repeat the question. caller: yes. i think the war in iraq was wrong. host: ok. caller: is there any way we can ]reate {indiscernible fort: i thank issac calling in. the war in iraq was a deep tragedy. the american people were not given the actual facts. there were not weapons of mass destruction found. the calller is correct. i think yes for contingency plan to avoid that kind of terrible -- as the key ask for a contingency plan to avoid the kind of terrible action in the future. -- i think he asked for a contingency plan to avoid the kind of terrible action in the future. i was the one that tried to
on the small business committee? guest: i'm on small business, science, and technology. the chairman was kind enough to give me the chairmanship of the oversight subcommittee. host: you come from small- business backgrounds? guest: yes, investment businesses, real estate businesses. i was on financial services before. i'm one of the four members who was removed from their committees in december. you make the best of it. one of the great things is i represent scottsdale, phoenix area. eaven. entrepreneurs hav we represent many small businesses. host: are their residual effects by the removal for the republican leadership? guest: i think there are. it's not the way i would love to have gotten there. but i think it forced a family discussion of how you deal with those who are very economically conservative? and get us to work and talk to each other? in many ways, except that the people of a handful of conservative to feel they were being isolated and cut out of the process to force the conversation. host: something you have talked about in recent days is the. the brand the lead editorial this mo
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6